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Our story

YoungFish was born in 2013 in Barcelona under the name of 15×2. Back then Spain was experiencing over 52% of unemployment among youth. YoungFish was conceptualized and designed to supercharge and empower the inner talent of every youngster by giving them the right tools and mindset.  

During the two-week program, participants will attend a series of workshops and work on a given challenge. The workshops are lead by international experts in fields ranging from design thinking to prototyping, branding to storytelling, along with a real life challenge. We target 3 areas: design, prototyping and validation. By the end of the two weeks, each team is expected to have a beta version of their project that is economically sustainable and that would have a positive impact on the society. The results of the project can range from startup, products, services or an one-off event.

YoungFish is a program created and powered by MOB / Makers of Barcelona, Since its creation, 3 years ago, MOB has been continually evolving, changing, molding, moving, shaking, causing a stir and making a splash around our particular set of core objectives which clearly define us. What defines MOB is not simply ‘co-working’, an event venue, a makerspace or a school. What defines MOB is what happens inside these spaces, the drive of our members to connect, collaborate, create, explore and evolve as a community.


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Our motivation

Youngfish es "learning by doing". Una oportunidad para aprender otra forma de trabajar, mucho más ágil, práctica y cercana al problema que se quiere solucionar. Motiva muchísimo estar rodeado de personas con tanto talento, concentrados en dar lo mejor de nosotros mismos para tener un impacto positivo en la ciudad. ¡Metodología, creatividad y talento para cambiar el mundo!
Youngfish is a life-changing experience, a way to expand your horizon, try new things and get a new skillset. You will learn, you will work, you may spend a sleepless night or two - and you will have lots of fun.
An experience to prove, one more time, that in the decontamination we find within young people, there is a chance to decontaminate our surroundings.
Youngfish relaunched me. I learnt again how to work in team: this time in a much more efficient and creative way. I learnt to analyse the real needs of a society that needs reinvention. Everything with a very specific and analytic methods, and all of them useful to any professional field:  design thinking, manual thinking, canvas, scrum,...".